Hardware and Software Support

PC and Laptop Support

Support for your desktop PCs and laptops, including hardware and software support to ensure they work as effectively as possible. We offer complete support for all desktop operating systems currently supported by Microsoft. Support includes software installation, software configuration, hardware installation and hardware installation and all data transfers during installations.

With Windows 10 comes great integration with touch devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as mobile operating systems such as Windows 10 Mobile. You can set these up with your Windows desktops and laptops to give a 'uniform feel'.

Windows Server Support

Complete support for your Windows Servers, to ensure maximum speed, reliability and 'uptime'. All current editions of Windows Server are supported, although Small Business Server 2011/Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials are our speciality, along with recommending HP servers, to ensure complete piece of mind and reliability. Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials offers dramatically reduced hardware costs for smaller networks up to 25 users (when used with Office 365 for email). Windows Server 2016 has just been released and this will rapidly become our recommended platform due to its many benefits.


Advice and support on various software packages, including Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 and 2016, including automation of your Office routines, such as print/tray selection macros and other time savers. Whilst we don't offer training as such (but can arrange it!), we can give you a head start on the products to get you working.

Printing and Scanning

We support most printer makes and models. With the cost of printers coming down rapidly (but their consumables going up just as fast!) and the manufacturers warranties getting longer, hardware support for printers is less of an issue as it's now often more cost effective to replace the entire printer in some situations. We offer support for installations and configuration of printers and their drivers, to include complex multiple installs and server based installs to allow for ease of use. We have extensive experience of networking copier based, multi tray systems supplied by most photocopier companies.

We also have extensive experience in setting up scanners, whether it be a simple desktop scanner, or a fully fledged network photocopier scanner using FTP/SMB/Email connectivity.

Digital Dictation

Advice and support on various hardware/software dictation packages, from beginner systems such as Philips and Olympus systems right up to professional company wide systems such as Bighand. Using professional systems gives you increased flexibility with you being able to utilise your resources much better over multiple sites (especially when covering holidays/sickness etc), as well as allowing you to use your mobile phone as a dictation device, and be able to upload your dictation whilst away from the office.

Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

You can't escape it, its the new subscription service being heavily promoted by the industry. Cloud Computing opens up not only exciting opportunities, but also new risks. Microsoft's Office 365 is now available in various flavours to suit your budget. Talk to us first to get all the facts before you make the leap!

'Virtualising' your servers can make good financial sense if you have two or more servers onsite and wish to share resources and save on hardware and electricity. Discuss your requirements with us so we can advise on the merits of virtualisation of your systems. The industry is heavily promoting this technology and it will become the standard very quickly, but be aware it is not appropriate in every circumstance, especially with the rapid development of the cloud. The flexibility of virtualisation has increased dramatically with the release of Windows Server 2016.

Virtualisation is not only for servers, it can also be utlised on workstations too. Virtual machines of other Windows editions or other operating systems can be run inside one installation of Windows. This may be useful for some workstations.