Advice and networking service to ensure your devices work seamlessly together. From basic unmanaged networks right up to complex IP routed systems using managed switches.

DNS Records, Domains and Web Monitoring and Filtering

We can register/setup and configure domains with complex DNS/MX records to ensure email/website flow and enable email fault tolerance (if applicable).

Be sure your employees are protected from inappropriate web content, as well as monitor and filter what they can do. Having careful restrictions in place increases employee productivity (unless you like paying your staff to use social network sites?)

Did you know that if you are a Director/Partner of a company then you are legally liable for the content your employees can view and have to demonstrate you have 'attempted' to control access to unsavoury sites?

Remote Assistance and Home-Working

Remote access to your company systems, to enable flexible working patterns. This could include remote access to a single PC right up to a full RemoteFX system connecting to Windows Remote Desktop Servers. Remote working is about to explode in popularity as employers see how they can reduce their high office costs whilst giving their employees a better quality work/home balance. As BT roll out fibre-optic to local exchanges and connectivity speeds improve, so will this requirement.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

We offer an extensive wi-fi service whereby we can install/maintain the wi-fi service in public places such as hotels and cafes. This service extends to filtering content and assisting with getting your wi-fi terms and conditions in place to protect you from the potential liabilities of offering this service.

Inter-Site Connectivity and VPNs

If you have more than one company site, connect them up to ensure seamless integration. This can be using cable, wi-fi or even laser! It's usually better and more cost effective to connect offices and use one central system than to have duplicate systems in each office and have complicated, often problematic synchronisation utilities running. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a speciality of ours, offering secure channels between your sites.

Broadband, 3G and Satellite Installation

We can setup ADSL and FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) broadband access, or we can assist with leased lines and EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) if your demands are higher or you need Service Level Agreements. We have a close working relationship with a UK based internet service provider and are happy to be your point of contact and do all the account handling for you - you no longer have to run the gauntlet and waste your time with non-UK call centres. If you are unable to get broadband or have excessively low speeds, then we can put you onto a satellite broadband or 3G/4G system which will give you a respectable download for costs on a par with normal BT supplied service. 

CAT5e/6 Structured Cabling and Fibre-Optic (Data and Voice)

Every network relies on the cabling structure to be sound, and we can ensure your cabling/fibre can cope with today's, and tomorrow's challenges. To ensure the cabling we offer exceeds the quality demanded by modern applications we use a long term specialist cable partner for larger jobs. This ensures we are flexible and able to offer any sized job, to an equally high standard.