Security and Backup

We are passionate about security, especially online security. We offer advice and help for users and companies on complex to simple things they can do to dramatically improve their online experience and have a linked association with a UK Government sponsored site GetSafeOnline - an excellent site that offers free, common sense precautions for all users. We would recommend all companies encourage their staff to spend half an hour looking through it to make them fully aware of the risks and hence better protect you as a company.


Firewalls and Routers

Advice and support on hardware and software firewalls to ensure your business is protected from increasing online threats. We recommend DrayTek routers due to their unparalleled features, price and support (we liked them so much we became a DrayTek authorised reseller). DrayTek offer excellent performance with the new FTTC fibre products currently being rolled out by BT (BT Infinity). 

Network Anti-Virus

Ensuring your computers are fully protected from all threats. Fully networked AV systems which monitor each PC and alert managers/IT staff are a baseline essential system in this fast evolving world of the virus.  The solutions we offer protect entire networks against viruses/spyware/malware/ransomware and phishing. Our preferred product also includes a web filter as part of the package, saving most companies a considerable amount of money by improving employee productivity. 

Spam Prevention

Reduce the amount of spam coming into your company and save both time and money. Reduce the amount of wasted time trawling through spam emails by stopping them before they arrive at your mailbox. Mild to moderate spam prevention can be software based on your server, or for high rate complete protection, hardware based with a dedicated spam box (available for evaluation).


Whether you want to be traditional and backup up onsite to disk or tape, or would rather treat backup as a serious routine and opt for a subscription based automated offsite system to put you on your first steps to a disaster recovery solution, we can help. Subscription backup is surprisingly inexpensive. As Fibre continues to roll out, so will the ability to backup greater amounts of data.

Disaster Recovery and Planning

Our passion is Business Continuity through disasters, with help creating your policy and advising on the best solutions for your specific needs to ensure your company remains open for business regardless of the disaster. An alarming number of companies still have no effective IT Disaster Recovery policy or recovery ability. Not having a policy leaves your ability to continue trading beyond an incident open to chance and good fortune alone. We as a company have witnessed many incidents which had serious consequences for companies, but could have been prevented with simple and often inexpensive planning and preparation. The cost of a Disaster Recovery system is insignificant to the potential loss of your business, as figures on the web show, many companies suffering from a disaster often fail entirely.