Mobile Support

Get truly mobile communications with your company including email, contacts and calendars pushed out to your mobile phone. Make the most of your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android device. If you have a job that involves being out and about then this facility to send/receive business information is invaluable to get to that next appointment on time and keep up to date with your office

We also support tablets such as the Apple iPad, the Microsoft Surface and various Android tablets. These, along with smartphones, are being adopted more and more in businesses. These can also be configured to work with Microsoft Exchange and other email services which you may use.

With the rapid reduction in smartphone costs comes about an increasing use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Companies are having to embrace employees using their own smartphones/tablets for their business use. This brings about a significant saving for businesses, but can introduce security risks on devices that are also used on social media sites. We can advise and assist with policies to protect both parties.