E-mail Systems

Advice and support on professional SMTP systems such as Microsoft Exchange (2010-2016), to ensure the smooth flow of information through your company. We can redesign your email layout to ensure you receive reliable, fault tolerant and instant communication.

Microsoft offers significant cost reductions for their Office 365 products when used in a charitable environment (subject to confirmation of status). This can be free or for a small fee for the full Office desktop product. Contact us for details.


Cloud based E-mail

With the push to cloud based services picking up pace rapidly, we also supply and support hosted email such as Microsoft 365 solutions. This is a subscription based service that offers most of the features of having a local email server, but without the initial purchase costs. This makes budgeting easier as it can grow or shrink organically to the size of your business and also ensures you are using the latest technology automatically. Some of the packages also permit you to use Microsoft Office products on your own PCs, saving considerable purchase costs.