IT Auditing, Cover and Project Management

IT Auditing

Find out how effective your current IT system is, and discover new ways to work smarter.  Receive an unbiased report on your systems, along with recommendations to improve and plan for. If you don't have any IT systems at present then even better, as we can work together to get it right, first time.

IT Department Cover

Stressed IT department or need holiday cover? We can be the extra engineer you thought you couldn't afford, with flexible working hours to suit your requirements. We have long term relationships with many clients (including several local IT companies) to provide short notice, variable term cover for holidays/sickness/general overflow cover and IT project work. IT workload is famous for being peaks and troughs and difficult to plan for and having someone you can call on when the peaks grow larger than expected is always a reassuring thought! 

Consultancy and Project Management

Impartial advice given on a project by project basis. Let us remove the stress from your IT project. With over 30 years in the industry we've gained excellent trusted contacts who specialise in specific areas. This allows us to manage your projects, as services we don't currently provide ourselves can be passed to our trusted partners who can offer their specialist skills directly to you, without you having to discover and get acquainted to yet more IT people.

Manager Assistance

We can assist in-house IT managers by offering advice on how to work smarter and broaden your horizons. We can work with them to demonstrate new directions, products and technologies which can benefit your business as a whole.


Every company needs to have an Internet and Email usage policy to legally protect employers and employees alike, especially with interlinked business and personal social media sites. This policy should be organic - being reviewed and amended on a three month cycle to take into account emerging and often rapid technology changes. Every company also needs to have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan and associated policy, the importance of which cannot be overstated. We can assist with the creation of these documents, and if requested by you, can implement software and/or hardware solutions to enforce these policies.