About Us

Hello, and welcome to 'our place'!

With over 30 years in the IT industry we have formed BrownTech to get back to offering customers what they always wanted - excellent personal IT support for their businesses, at a reasonable cost with truly independent advice. We are local and responsive to your needs, being based in sunny (usually!) Wymondham in Norfolk, and support many local businesses, including Solicitors, Hotels, Accountants, Builders, Car Dealerships, Hotels, Charities, Procurement Consultants, Staffing Agencies, Home workers and other small companies of various sizes.


A Better Service

We are in this for the long term and want to build up an excellent relationship with you that entails advising and guiding you through the whole process. Small business support is our speciality, with us able to offer everything required to get you up and running, and more importantly, keep you there!  You'll deal with the same engineer throughout the whole process so you build up a relationship with them - no more levels of helpdesk people who constantly need to refer you up!. This all leads to a more personal and much more effective support for you.

Unlike many companies that have an 'IT division', all we support is your IT - we have no other departments that are lined up to sell to you. We are 100% service based and focused, with no sales agenda, sales targets, or even sales staff!  As you'll always be discussing your options with engineers, you can be sure the solution we recommend is always suitable for you.

If you'd prefer us to source equipment for you, we can provide at near trade price, or we can recommend and guide you through a purchase elsewhere if the deals work out better for you. We can also offer leasing packages for larger purchases or act as the 'middle man' in bespoke finance arrangements.


Low charges - £50 per hour!

We keep our overheads low to keep our charges low. We fully utilise IT to make our operation as efficient as possible - as an example BrownTech is entirely paperless and has to date never sent a postal letter (something you should expect from an IT company?). We are usually half the cost of other IT providers of equal quality at prices from £50 per hour and these charges go even lower if you become a loyal customer and have a Support Package! We have no shops or salesrooms to maintain, nor are we tied in with price setting manufacturers and obliged to promote and sell their range of products alone. The products and services we supply are based on past good experience, reasonable cost and merit alone. We're sure you'd rather be paying just for good service rather than to maintain an image? We now also offer Charity/Not for Profit organisations their own specially reduced rate (£10 off per hour) on receipt of a verified Charity Number


Flexible Working

We have ways of working with you that always fit in with your requirements. You can be traditional and 'pay as you go', or if you prefer you can get a discount by purchasing a contract or a set amount of hours to be used how you wish - useful for budgeting and those IT projects! It's all up to you and how you prefer to work. All charges are crystal clear beforehand and usually agreed before the projects begin. Our Terms & Conditions are written in plain English and are clear and concise and layout our commitment to you (supplied in our Client Welcome Pack).


Your Protection

We are VAT registered and have full IT business insurance to ensure your complete protection. We have many years of experience in the trade and will always give you the best service possible - our ultimate aim is to add you to our testimonial page and you to pass on your recommendation to other future clients!


Go on! Give us a go!

Have a think about how your IT is currently managed and how much it costs you (based on monetary value and service experiences), read our testimonials, then give us a call to have an informal chat and learn about a refreshing change to how you think about IT. Alternatively if you'd prefer a meeting to go over your requirements, or would just like to meet us, then on the proviso tea and biscuits being available we'd be more than happy to come and see you. If you are 'testing the water' or just curious about how we operate then please email us for a copy of our Terms & Conditions and the various Support Packages on offer. You really have nothing to lose!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully have a quick look around 'our place'.